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Company Location:

56 Ethel Rd W#11
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Fax: 732-985-0200

Company E-mail addresses:

Company History:
PCCdepot has been selling computer equipment on-line for over 13yrs, since 1/1/2002 shipping from our warehouse in Piscataway, NJ. We opened in 1993 and have been providing computer equipment to Government, University/Schools & Large Corporate Accounts for over 20 Years & later expanded into Online Internet Sales in 2002.

PCCdepot is an Authorized Xerox Sales & Service Center. PCCdepot is also a Stocking Supplies Center for both Xerox and HP. PCCdepot has been repairing & servicing HP LaserJet, Brother and Xerox Laser Printers for over 15 years. PCCdepot offers both On-Site Service & Repair and Drop Off Carry In Service & Repair at our Piscataway, NJ Location for both HP and Xerox LaserJet Printers to local NJ schools & universities, government and business clients in surrounding areas such as Middlesex, Somerset, South Plainfield, Bound Brook, Highland Park, Edison, New Brunswick, Green Brook, Dunellen and surrounding central NJ areas.

How to Order: 
      You may place your order on-line or call our NJ Store at

Acceptable Payment Methods: 
  • VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover - Billing information MUST match Credit Card Records or your order CANNOT be shipped. If you are shipping to a different address other than billing address, this Shipping address must also match with your credit card records and be listed as an alternate shipping address.
  • PrePaid Personal, Company & Certified Checks - This will delay order processing as payment must be mailed to pccDepot & and Payment MUST Clear Before shipment will be released.
  • Purchase Orders will be accepted from Public Schools/Universities & Federal, State and Local Government. Call in to place the order & then fax, email attach, or mail the Hard Copy PO. We cannot ship without having the Hard Copy PO in our possession.
  • Purchase Orders from Private Schools/Universities & Corporations will be accepted upon Approval from our Credit Dept. Just give us a call for further information.
  • We now accept for you convenience.  Shipping address MUST be a verified ship to address.

Shipping Policies: 
  • Orders are typically shipped within no later than 1-2 business days with most shipping the same day as your order (M-F, Non-Holiday) . Shipments are processed on M-F on Business Days, 9AM-4PM EST. (Holidays Excluded). Orders received by 2PM EST on are typically shipped the Same Day or within One Business Day (24hrs). Please remember that WeekEnds and Holidays are NOT Business Days.
  • Many products are listed stating Same Day Shipment on Orders received by 2PM EST & these products will ship same day on orders received M-F (Non-Holidays). (Note: Credit Card Approval Problems, etc, will delay order processing).
  • PCCdepot sends out tracking numbers each evening to our customers as orders are shipped. You can track your order using the carriers website with your tracking number (Fedex.com, UPS.com, etc).


  • PCCdepot is located in Piscataway, NJ and State Sales Tax will be charged on orders shipping within NJ. Resellers & Exempt institutions please call for instructions on placing orders shipping within NJ without NJ State Sales Tax being added to your order.

PCCdepot Warranty & Return Policies:
  • If you receive a shipment which appears to have been damaged by the shipping carrier, please REFUSE shipment & notify our service dept immediately. We will deal with the carrier for insurance purposes and arrange for another shipment to you. If you already received the shipment, you must call 1-732-985-2121 to get a Return Authorization Number (RMA#) from our Service Dept before shipping the product back to us. We must receive the product back within 30 days of original sale.
  • PCCdepot offers 25 day return for replacement on all equipment that arrives to you in defective condition. Please save all packaging materials, manuals, cables, etc and return them as well or restocking fees will be charged. You must call 1-732-985-2121 to get a Return Authorization Number (RMA#) before shipping the product back to us. We must receive the product back within 30 days of original sale.
  • PCCdepot is NOT a Manufacturer & is NOT responsible for manufacturer defects so we split the cost with the customer on returns, customers pays for return shipping to PCCdepot and we pay for shipping for product replacement. PCCDepot does NOT offer cross-shipping of merchandise, you must return to us for replacement. Please use trackable shipping method like FedEx Ground or UPS Ground & Ship INSURED as we are NOT responsible for shipping damage on returns. We must receive the product back within 30 days of original sale.
  • PCCdepot offers a 25 day return for product credit less a 15% restocking charge or a minimum $10.00 restocking charge (whichever is greater) on all NEW, Un-Opened equipment that you want to return for whatever reason (ie. decided you do not need it, ordered wrong color, etc). Shipping Charges are NOT refundable. Please use trackable shipping method like FedEx Ground or UPS Ground & Ship INSURED as we are NOT responsible for shipping damage on returns.You must call 1-732-985-2121 to get a Return Authorization Number (RMA#) before shipping the product back to us. We must receive the product back within 30 days of original sale.
  • After 25 Days all merchandise sold by PCCdepot carries the original MANUFACTURER warranty only. Please contact the manufacturer for instructions on returning merchandise. If you require help finding manufacturer contact information, please refer to the instructions which come with the merchandise or give our service dept a call.

PCCdepot is a Genuine HP and Genuine Xerox Stocking Supplies Center for the central NJ area and pickups are welcomed. Most HP and Xerox Toner, Ink, Solid Ink, Maintenance Kits, etc will be in stock and be available for same day pickup. Please call first before arriving and we will confirm & hold inventory for whatever you need to pickup.

PCCdepot is an Authorized Xerox Printer Service Center and we offer HP and Xerox Laser Printer Maintenance, Service and Repair in Central NJ locations such as Piscataway, Middlesex, New Brunswick, Edison, Metuchen, South Plainfield, Bound Brook, Somerville, Bridgewater, Somerset, Franklin, Highland Park, Green Brook and Dunellen.

We specialize in the following repair of HP LaserJet Printers:

HP Monochrome B&W LaserJets: m401, m401dn, 401dn, 4015, p4015, 4015n, 4015dn, 4015tn, 4015x, p4015n, p4015dn, p4015tn, p4015x, p4510, p4515, 4510, 4515, 4515n, 4515dn, 4515tn, 4515x, p4515n, p4515dn, p4515tn, p4515x, 4014, p4014, 4014n, 4014dn, p4014n, p4014dn, 4000, 4000se, 4000n, 4000t, 4000tn, 4050, 4050se, 4050n, 4050t, 4050tn, 4100, 4100n, 4100tn, 4100dtn, 4200, 4200n, 4200tn, 4200dtn, 4240, 4240n, 4250, 4250n, 4250tn, 4250dtn, 4300, 4300n, 4300tn, 4300dtn, 5200, 5200tn, 5200dtn, 5100, 5100tn, 5100dtn, 5000, 5000n, 5000tn, 5000gn, 9050, 9050n, 9050dn, 9040, 9040n, 9040dn, 9000, 9000n, 9000dn, 9000hns, 9000hnf, 8000, 8000n, 8000dn, 8100, 8100n, 8100dn, 8150, 8150n, 8150dn, 3005, 3005d, 3005n, 3005dn, 3005x, p3005, p3005n, p3005d, p3005dn, p3005x, 551, 551n, 551dn, 551xh, m551, m551n, m551dn, m551xh, 601, 601n, 601dn, 602, 602n, 602dn, 602x, 603, 603n, 603n, 603dn, 603xh, m601, m601n, m601dn, m602, m602n, m602dn, m603, m603n, m603dn, m603xh, 701, 701a, 701n, m701, m701a, m701n, 712, 712n, 712dn, 712xh, m712, m712n, m712dn, m712xh

HP Color Laserjets: 400 pro, 451 pro, 451, m451, m451nw, m451dn, m451dw, 451nw, 451dn, 451dw, 200 pro, 251 pro, 251 251nw, m251, m251nw, 3000, 3000n, 3000dn, 3505, cp3505, cp3505n, cp3505dn, cp3505x, 3505n, 3505dn, 3505x, 3600, 3600n, 3600dn, 3800, 3800n, 3800dn, 3800dtn, 4005, 4005n, 4005dn, cp4005, cp4005n, cp4005dn, 4025, 4025n, 4025dn, cp4025, cp4025n, cp4025dn, 4525, 4525n, 4525dn, 4525xh, cp4525, cp4525n, cp4525dn, cp4525xh, 651, 651n, 651dn, 651xh, m651, m651n, m651dn, m651xh, 553, 533n, 533dn, 533x, m533, m533n, m533dn, m533x 4600, 4600n, 4600dn, 4600dtn, 4650, 4650n, 4650dn, 4650dtn, 4700, 4700n, 4700dn, 4700dtn, 4700ph+, 5550, 5550n, 5550dn, 5550dtn 5550hdn, 5500, 5500n, 5500dn, 5500dtn, 5500hdn, 5225, 5225n, 5225dn, cp5225, cp5225n, cp5225dn, 5525, 5525n, 5525dn, 5525xh, cp5525, cp5525n, cp5525dn, cp5525xh, 6015, 6015d, 6016de, 6015dn, 6015n, 6015x, 6105xh, cp6015, cp6015d, cp6015de, cp6015n, cp6015dn, cp6015x, cp6015xh, 750, 750n, 750dn, m750, m750n, m750dn

HP Monochrome B&W LaserJet MFPs: m1536 mfp, m1536mfp, m1536dnf, 1536dnf, 1536, m1217, 1217, m1217mfp, m1217nfw, 1217nfw, 1217mfp, m1212, 1212, m1212mfp, m1212nf, 1212nf, 1212mfp, m3035 mfp, 3035, 3035mfp, m3035mfp, m3505xs, 3035xs, m2727, 2727, m2727mfp, m2727nf, m2727nfs, 2727mfp, 2727nf, 2727nfs, 4100, 4101, mfp, 4100mfp, 4101mfp, 4345, 4345mfp, 4345x, 4345xs, 4345xm, m4345, m4345mfp, m4345x, enterprise 500, 500mfp, 525, 525dn, 525f, 525c, m525, m525dn, m525f, m525c

HP Color LaserJet MFPs: m275, topshot, 275, m275mfp, m275nw, 275nw, m276, 276, m276mfp, m276nw, 276nw, 276mfp, m375, 375, m375mfp, m375nw, 375mfp, 375nw, m425, m425mfp, m425dn, 425mfp, 425dn, m475, 475, m475mfp, m475dn, 475mfp, 475dn, 575, 575dn, 575f, m575, m575dn, m575f, 630, 630h, 630f, 630z, m630, m630h, m630f, m630z, 680, 680dn, 680f, 680z, m680, m680dn, m680f, m680z, 700, m700, 775, 775dn, 775z, 775z+, m775, m775dn, m775z, m775z+

We are also Xerox Authorized to Service & Repair the following Xerox Printers:

Xerox ColorQube: 8570, 8570n, 8570dn, 8570dt, 8870, 8870dn

Xerox Solid Ink: 8860, 8860dn, 8560, 8560n, 8560dn, 8560dt, 8560dx, 8550, 8550dp, 8550dt, 8550dx, 8500, 8500n, 8500dn, 8400, 8400b, 8400n, 8400dp, 8400dx, 8200, 8200b, 8200n, 8200dp, 8200dx

Xerox Phaser, Laser, DocuPrint & WorkCentre: 7760, 7760dn, 7760gx, 7760dx, 7750, 7750dn, 7750gx, 7750dxf, 7400, 7400n, 7400dn, 7400dt, 7400dx, 7400xf, 7300, 7300b, 7300n, 7300dn, 7300dt, 7300dx, 6500, 6500n, 6500dn, 6600, 6600n, 6600dn, 6700, 6700n, 6700dn, 6700dt, 6700dx, 6360, 6360n, 6360dn, 6360dt, 6360dx, 6300n, 6300dn, 6350dp, 6350dt, 6350dx, 6350, 6280, 6280n, 6280dn, 6250, 6250b, 6250n, 6250dp, 6250dt, 6250dx, 6200, 6200b, 6200n, 6200dp, 6200dx, 6180, 6180n, 6180dn, 5550, 5550n, 5550dn, 5550dt, 4620, 4620dn, 4620dt, 4600, 4600n, 4600dn, 4600dt, 3610dn, 3610n, 3610, 5500, 5500b, 5500n, 5500dn, 5500dt, 5500dx, 5400, 5400n, 5400dt, 5400dx, 4510, 4510b, 4510n, 4510dt, 4510dx, c2424, 2424, c2424dn, c2424dp, c2424DX, 4500, 4500b, 4500n, 4500dt, 4500dx, 4400, 4400b, 4400n, 4400dt, 4400dx, 3600, 3610, 3610n, 3610dn, 3600b, 3600n, 3600dn, 3500, 3500dn, 3450, 3450b, 3450d, 3450dn, 3400, 3400b, 3400n, 2135, 2200, pe220, 120, pe120, 120i, pe120i, 220, pe220, 118, 118i, m118, m118i, c118, c118pl, m20, m20i, c20, n2125, 2125, 2125b, 2125n, 2125dt, 2125dx, n2125n, n2125dt, n2125b, n2125dt, n2125dx, n4525, 4525 4525n, 4525dx, 4525cn, 4525fn, n4525n, n4525dx, n4525cn, n4525fn, 3210, 3210n, 3220, 3220dn, 3315, 3315dn, 3325, 3325dn, 3550, 3615, 3615dn.

PCCdepot offers On-Site Service to Central NJ Locations such as South Plainfield, Somerset, Middlesex, Piscataway, Edison, New Brunswick, Green Brook, Dunellen, Metuchen and Bound Brook.

CMC offers local HP & Xerox Printer carry in depot service and repair at our Piscataway, NJ location which is within driving distance to central New Jersey locations including Middlesex, New Brunswick, Bound Brook, Manville, Clark, Franklin Park, Scotch Plains, Green Brook, Plainfield, Dunellen, South Bound Brook, Watchung, South Plainfield, East Millstone, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Zarephath, Warren, Springdale, Highland Park, North Brunswick, East Brunswick, How, Avenel, Finderne NJ, Edison NJ, Somerset NJ, Middlesex, Somerville, Raritan, Bridgewater, Piscataway, Martinsville, Green Knoll, Metuchen, Valentine NJ, Menlo Park, Flagtown, Middlebush, Randolphville NJ, Milltown, South River, Fords, New Durham, Raritan Manor, Clara Barton, Bernards Township, Lamington Pottersville, West Millington, Green Knoll, Finderne, Middlebrook Heights Bonhamtown, Lincoln Park, Washington Park, Lindenau, Camp Kilmer, Cranford, Iselin, Nixon, Ethel, Warrenville, Stelton, Martins Landing, Robinvale, High Bridge, Annandale, Forsgate, Clinton, WhiteHouse, Station, North Branch, Rahway, Far Hills, Rutgers University, RU, Livingston, Busch Campus, Douglas College, Cook, NJIT, Pluckemin, Oldwick, GreenBrook, Kendall Park, Parlin, North Plainfield, Colonia, New Providence, Randolphville, Fieldville, North Stelton, Lake Nelson, Arbor, Possumtown, Highlands Heights, Fellowship Farm, Monroe, Mountainside NJ, Woodbridge, Pierce Heights, Westfield, Cedar Heights, Stone Mill, Readingsburg, Washington Rock, Mount Mt Bethel, Lebanon, North Branch, Burnt Mills, Potterstown and Berkeley Heights

ZipCodes in the General Area Close Enough for Carry In Depot Service. Includes parts of Middlesex County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, Mercer County, Union County, Hunterdon County and Morris County:
Zip Codes:
07001 07016 07023 07059 07060 07061 07062 07063 07066 07065 07066 07067 07076 07080 07920 07921 07922 07924 07931 07933 07938 07939 07946 07064 07974 07978 07980 07090 07091 07092 07095 08520 08801 08805 08807 08809 08810 08812 08816 08817 08818 08820 08821 08823 08824 08828 08829 08830 08831 08832 08833 08835 08836 08837 08840 08846 08850 08852 08854 08855 08857 08858 08859 08861 08862 08863 08869 08871 08872 08873 08875 08876 08877 08878 08879 08880 08882 08884 08888 08889 08890 08896 08899 08901 08902 08903 08904 08905 08906 08922 08988 08989

Area Code mostly within Carry In Service Area is 732, but some parts of 908, 973 and 609 area codes are close enough. Check on Mapquest your distance from Piscataway, NJ.

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